Two Guys with Great Ideas
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Kurt Schwenk Kurt Schwenk Michael Boruszewski Michael Boruszewski

Kurt Schwenk is currently the co-owner and one of the 2 Guys With Great Ideas.

His previous position was that of vice president at Paramount Pictures. His responsibilities included design and construction of numerous post production facilities, as well as three general office facilities.

Kurt has held senior executive positions with companies such as Warner Bros., Disney, Dolby Labratories, Lucasfilm THX, and NEC Digital Cinema giving him a wealth of experience in commercial and home theatre design

His passion for design has served him well in all of his previous positions allowing him to work with clients on both private and business spaces throughout Europe, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Kurt and Michael have both received design recognition by being featured in "Architectural Digest" and have won State of California and City of Pasadena awards for architectural preservation

Kurt has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Evansville, Indiana.

It was a dark and stormy night... when I was sitting there sipping a very dry martini and realized that the pictures in my hotel room were all hung wrong. So I moved them. Yes, I moved the pictures on the wall, as well as the furniture in the room, and when I was done, it looked more pleasing and with a better flow to the room. I just can't help myself.

I have been this way for as long as I can remember and the pattern repeats itself ad infinitum. Oh, if only I had a nickel for every time I heard, "Go ask Michael. He'll have a good idea." Sometimes the

solutions are simple and sometimes they are a bit more complicated, but well worth the extra effort in the end. I observe the bits and pieces of an environment, their effect on the people in it, and then I suggest ways to do things more efficiently, more effectively, and with a little more panache. My insatiable inner desire to rearrange the world one room at a time is momentarily satisfied and someone has a new and improved living space.

Michael has a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Literature from the University of California, San Diego.